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About the Child Rights Network

Child Rights Network (CRN) is the largest alliance of organizations and agencies pushing for children's rights legislation in the Philippines.

Since its formal launch in 2007, CRN has ushered the passage of 7 child rights laws, including the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2007 and the Children in Emergencies Act of 2016.

CRN has a membership of 44 organizations and agencies across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Learn more about our members.

Our Advocacies

Child Rights Network (CRN) is pushing for responsive laws and policies that enable children to enjoy their human rights.

For the 17th Congress, Child Rights Network (CRN) has identified 3 legislative priorities:

END Child Rape

Increasing the age to determine statutory rape in the Philippines from the current 12 to at least 16 years old.

Children, Not Criminals

Protecting the current minimum age of criminal responsibility, set at 15 years old.

Free Birth Certificate

Making birth certificate free and accessible for the Filipino children.

Child Rights Network (CRN) is also advocating for the passage of the following bills on children’s rights

  • Promoting positive and non-violent discipline of children

  • Special protection of children in situations of armed conflict

  • Ending child, early, and forced marriage

  • Inclusive education for children with disabilities

  • Human trafficking preventive education

  • Promoting maternal and infant care for the first 1000 days