Free Birth Certificate Bill

At least 3 million children in the Philippines have no birth certificate. This is 40% of the 7.5 million Filipinos who are unregistered which includes street children, children in indigenous communities. Because right now, it’s not really free nor accessible for all.

The #FreeBirthCertificate Campaign aims to pass policies which institutionalize comprehensive and responsive national Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) system that produces information on births, marriages, adoptions, deaths and causes of death of a population. It also aims to establish a functioning system that provides a link between the registration of vital events to secure access to basic social services like education and healthcare. This will also lead to the accurate registry of vital events in the Philippine population that can result to effective, responsive and evidence-informed program planning.



There are seven (7) bills currently filed in the House of Representatives.


What you can do


Get in touch with your Senators and Representatives and tell them the urgency of providing children birth registration to have access to their basic needs and social services.

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